Journey of Hearts & Hands

2014 Annual Appeal: As a Family, As a Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

As I begin my ministry as your new shepherd in the Diocese of Victoria, I look forward with much joy to meeting you. In my travels, I have begun to learn of the tremendous generosity of the parishioners in our parishes and communities across our Diocese. It is only through the generosity of our people that we are able to continue to provide the ministries and services necessary to be the living presence of the Lord Jesus Christ...

... This year our theme As a Family, As a Church will be our guide as we are all asked to give prayerful consideration to the gift or pledge to the Appeal which will reflect our roles as stewards of God’s Church, and match the blessings our Lord has bestowed upon us and our families. The Annual Appeal again seeks to raise $750,000 in support of our programs including, Religious Education, First Nations, Youth Ministries, Parish Outreach, Retired Clergy Pensions, our Catholic Schools, and especially to address the needs of your own parish.


The Diocesan Goal of $750,000 has been met — and exceeded! As at December 31, 2014, we have raised more than $846,100!!

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