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Jun 28, 2017

Fond Farewells

By Connie Dunwoody

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On Thursday, June 22, 2017, staff at the Pastoral Centre and many well wishers gathered to say a fond ‘farewell’ to three special people. Jim O’Reilly and Susie Nute are retiring this month, and Kelly Bourke has accepted a position with the Jesuits in Toronto, and will be relocating to Ontario at the end of August. We are most grateful to Jim, Susie and Kelly for their dedication, commitment and service over the years, and we hope that you will join us in wishing them well in their future endeavours.

James E. O'Reilly

Jim O’Reilly, in whose honour staff donned oversize bow ties (on the one day he did not wear a bow tie—so his colleagues provided one for him!), has had a long career with Island Catholic Schools and the Diocese, beginning in 1978 as a teacher at the original St. Andrew’s High School located on Pandora Avenue. Over the years Jim continued to serve as a teacher and later became Principal of St. Andrew’s Elementary and St. Joseph’s (Victoria), as well as Vice Principal of St. Patrick’s. Since 2006, Jim has served the Diocese as our Coordinator of Religious Education.

In his remarks, Bishop Gary Gordon observed that while Jim’s contributions were many, his commitment to providing Sacramental Preparation materials for children has been outstanding, and his work with the refugee program on behalf of the Diocese is second to none.

Susie Nute

Susie Nute began her career with Island Catholic Schools in 1994 as the Media Resource Coordinator/Consultant and has continued in that position ever since. As well, Susie has been a teacher and substitute teacher at St. Andrew’s Regional High School, and she continues to tutor students. Susie also leads badminton at the high school on Friday evenings.

Susie has organized the resources used by our Island Catholic Schools and the Diocese in an efficient and complete manner for many years. As Bishop Gary said, “We don’t know what we don’t know, yet!” But we do have Susie’s phone number!

Kelly Bourke

Kelly Bourke has served the Diocese as our Coordinator of Youth Ministry for nearly five years. She has worked with youth throughout our Diocese. She led opportunities for faith formation, peer ministry, and youth activities at St. Andrew’s Regional High School and in the parishes.

Bev Pulyk, Superintendent of Island Catholic Schools, said, “Kelly has a gift of connection: the ways in which she has reached out to and built relationships with our youth has been a blessing to the Diocese.”

It was the one day Jim hadn't worn a bow tie in quite some time. He attempted to create one for us, with ... um ... an A for effort, if not exactly a picture-perfect result

Pastoral Centre staff were sporting bow ties in honour of Jim ... and ... Bishop Gary (L, below) and Fr. John (R, below) even got in on the act!

Each honouree had a caricature ballon of themselves ...

Jim O'Reilly

Susie Nute

Kelly Bourke

Not one, but TWO cakes!

Bishop Gary spoke to each person in turn, thanking them for his or her contribution to the Diocese and Island Catholic Schools, as did Beverly Pulyk, Superintendent of Island Catholic Schools (sporting a jaunty red bow tie).

L to R: Susie Nute, Kelly Bourke and Jim O'Reilly, each thoroughly bow-tied.

A photo of Jim's family from, oh, just a few short years ago, was presented to him, a gift from the Archives!

The three ... honourees! L to R: Caricature Susie, Caricature Kelly, Caricature Jim

And again L to R: Susie, Kelly, and Jim

L to R: Bishop Gary Gordon, Susie Nute, Kelly Bourke, Jim O'Reilly

Photos courtesy Connie Dunwoody

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