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1 Thessalonians 5:18
Mar 18, 2017

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On Friday, February 24, 2017 the Development and Peace and Social and Eco Justice Committees of Holy Cross Parish hosted a 99 and 1 dinner event. The evening included a presentation by Sr. Marina Smith SSA, and highlighted both the economic disparity between developing and developed countries, as well as the important work of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (‘D&P’).

One percent of the world’s population holds ninety-nine percent of the world’s wealth. And conversely, ninety-nine percent of the world’s population holds one percent of the world’s wealth. The purpose of our dinner was to illustrate this for participants in a tangible way.

The randomness of our lot in life was demonstrated through a coin-toss exercise. Those whose coin landed  ‘tail’s up’ sat down and the exercise was repeated until our  ‘1’ was identified. Somewhat reluctantly, Donna was escorted to the ‘posh table’ that was perfectly appointed with China dishes, silverware and crystal glasses. Our server proceeded to serve a very fine four-course meal, complete with sparkling beverage. (Donna shared after the meal that “it was a lonely place to be.”)

In contrast, the remainder of the participants lined up with their paper plate and plastic spoon for a serving of rice and lentils and ate in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the Global South. 

Following the meal, Sr. Marina provided an interesting slide presentation of her trips to both Haiti and Ethiopia. D&P has been active in Haiti since the earthquake that struck that country in 2010. Sr. Marina described the benefits of both the humanitarian aid provided and the partnering programmes undertaken.

During her trip to Ethiopia, Sr. Marina visited a partnership-funded project to develop an irrigation system for the local farmers. Ethiopian farmers are challenged by both a water scarcity and a means of routing this scarce resource to where it is most needed. With D&P’s assistance, local residents devised a simple but effective means of channelling and routing water to farmers’ fields.

The inspiring successes in these two countries are only a fraction of the many projects undertaken in the seventy countries where D&P is involved. Thanks to your generous donations, and the efficient use of Share Lent funds, we are making a difference.

Proceeds from the evening were sent to Development and Peace. Visitors to Anawim House enjoyed the leftover pots of rice and lentils.

Donna being served at the 'posh table'

In the rice line

Sr. Marina Smith SSA

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