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1 Thessalonians 5:18
Jan 31, 2018

Fr. Alfredo Monacelli celebrates 10th Anniversary of ordination

By Connie Dunwoody

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It was an evening of faith, festivities, and great food as St. Joseph the Worker parish and Fr. Alfredo Monacelli celebrated his 10th Anniversary of Ordination to the priesthood.

Bishop Gary Gordon was on hand to celebrate Mass, and he quipped, “We’re here to celebrate Fr. Alfredo’s 10th Anniversary — and I’m looking for 40 more!”
Fr. Alfredo immediately responded, “I’m in!” which received an enthusiastic response from parishioners. “That’s music to a Bishop’s ears,” said Bishop Gary.

At the potluck that followed, parishioners enjoyed a wealth of food and fun, with music provided by On Fire, featuring Michael Watkins on vocals and guitar, Dave Boyer on bass guitar, and Glenn Smith on drums.

Many leaders from the parish spoke warmly of Fr. Alfredo, citing his enthusiastic leadership of our youth, and his gift for making all feel included and valued—not to mention his skills as a chef! In his speech, Fr. Alfredo said, “There is not a moment I regret [entering the priesthood], but there were moments when I thought Why did I do it? But only to find myself entwined by a divine grace, the divine gaze of Christ; that gaze that is incarnate in the face of people, in the face of parishioners, of kids, of youth, of children, of brother priests, of the Bishop. I am embraced by the incarnation of Christ’s gaze in the people that I meet. People ask me, ‘How do you feel, as a priest after ten years?’ I have to say, ‘I don’t know,’ because I’m still discovering the beauty of being a priest. I’m still discovering what it means to be a priest, because there is a new world I am discovering ... new faces, new experiences, new circumstances, it’s like a new world. And as I discover a new world out there, I discover a new world within myself. Christ, shaping me, my heart, to all these faces that I meet.”

Fr. Alfie, we are blessed by your Christ-like gaze that includes us, and are grateful that our world includes you. We thank you for service to the people in this Diocese, and of this parish, and we look forward to the next 40 years.

“We’re in!”

Photos courtesy Connie Dunwoody, with the exception of the one she's in. That was taken by Ben Pires, using her camera. Thanks, Ben!

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