In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18
Jan 27, 2017

Women of Peace and Hope

by Christa Grillmair

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The Victoria Diocesan Catholic Women’s League Day of Reflection held at St. Edward’s parish, Duncan, on Monday, January 23, 2017, attracted 83 members and guests.

Fr. Mel Bayron, our Diocesan Spiritual Director, launched the theme of Women of Peace and Hope by reminding us that peace is not the absence of war but a presence of harmony. He shared the story of the Princess and the Frog and challenged us to ‘kiss a frog’ sometimes to bring out the ‘prince’ in people but to also allow ourselves to be ‘kissed’. He also shared that hope is an attitude we adopt in God’s silence.

Maureen Ingram, Diocesan Council President, lead a workshop on how we can best be advocates with the sick and dying, with family members going through a crisis, with the homeless, members of our parish or in the workplace.

After Mass, members had the opportunity to socialize over their bag lunch and the many treats provided by the host St. Edward’s Council.

Pat Carew, Diocesan Spiritual Development, and her helpers, presented four burning candles representing faith, love, peace and hope. If one by one, the flames of the candles of peace, faith and love die because of the world’s anger and fighting, or the lack of faith and love for our neighbour, then we must keep the candle of hope lit so it can relight all the others. We were urged to always keep the flame of hope lit because with it, each of us can live with peace, faith and love.

Mary Nicholas, President of Christ the King Council in Courtenay, led us through a reflection about Peace and Hope, reminding us to always show a gentle attitude towards everyone and to trust and let God work through us.

Agnes Geiger, Provincial Spiritual Development, ended the day by leading us through an Examination of Conscience by reflecting on the primary question: Am I a peacemaker in my family, my Council, as a neighbour, in my community, parish or world at large? In a world becoming divided, we are challenged as Women of Peace and Hope to listen to the call of love and say “I am here, Lord.”

The day ended with us singing Peace is Flowing Like a River, and with Fr. Mel’s blessing for a safe journey home.

Delegates from Ascension parish 

(L to R) Mary Anne Lightburn, Janet Campbell and Sandi Digras, conducting the workshop about ‘Peace and Hope’

(L to R) Pat Carew, Diocesan Spiritual chair, Fr. Mel Bayron, Maureen Ingram Diocesan CWL President


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