Event Protocol: Visiting Clergy, Religious and Laity

In applying the principle of subsidiarity, the Diocese of Victoria recognizes that at the local parish level the Pastor, by virtue of the authority delegated to him by the Bishop, has the authority and the responsibility to approve speaking events held in the parish, including those involving presenters.

The Pastor may choose to delegate administrative tasks such as defining budget requirements, details concerning registration and fee collection, and the recruitment of volunteers, but ultimately he is responsible for overseeing that proper Diocesan policies are in place and respected.

All visiting clergy and laity who are presenting in the Diocese of Victoria are required to provide appropriate documentation to the Chancellor, one month in advance of the event.

Clergy and Religious

Pastors are reminded that visiting clergy may concelebrate Mass upon presentation of a Celebret confirming they are a priest in good standing in their home diocese. In order to preside at Mass, hear Confessions, and preach, approval from the Diocese of Victoria (and relevant Faculties) are required prior to engaging in ministry. Suitability Declaration forms should be completed and returned to the Chancellor one month in advance of their visit.


Visiting laity need to compete the Suitability Declaration for Visiting Lay Person form, which should be returned to the Chancellor one month in advance of their visit.

Suitability Declaration forms may be accessed here, or requested by email to chancery@rcdvictoria.org, or by calling (250) 479-1331.

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Feb 2, 2018


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