Ian Stewart
Diocese of Victoria

Ian Stewart arrived in Victoria in 1960 where he practiced law and built a successful business. Ian was a very active and committed Catholic at Holy Cross Parish and dedicated himself to leadership, administration and governance for the entire Diocese.

During the difficult early days of the Diocesan financial crisis, Ian took over the chairmanship of the Diocesan Finance Committee. As a successful lawyer and businessman, his legal acumen was invaluable in dealing with much of the legal issues the Diocese faced at that time. Under his chairmanship the Diocesan Finance Committee was run in a business-like fashion. He supported the concept of strong internal controls and in addition to the reintroduction of annual independent audits, established an Audit Committee to oversee the financial administration of the Diocese. Ian gave an amazing amount of his time and expertise to ensure financial stability, transparency and good governance in the Diocese of Victoria. It was through his guidance that the Diocese journeyed safely through a difficult period in our history. Ian was a member of the Diocesan Finance Executive Sub-Committee, Diocesan Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Property and Legal Sub-committee from 2000 to 2005.

Ian passed away on June 13, 2017, leaving behind a legacy from his profound contributions to the Diocese of Victoria and through his many other philanthropic endeavours.

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Feb 2, 2018


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