Joan Mitchell
St. Elizabeth's Parish, Saanich Peninsula

Joan Mitchell, her spouse James, and family, have been with the Parish for more than 40 years and remain a constant part of the fabric of the parish. Chairing a host of committees throughout these years, notable were her preparations for the millennium celebrations at the turn of the century with particular emphasis on ecumenism.

In 1983, as President of the Pastoral Council, she directed the establishment of the St. Martin de Pores Fund. During that same period she was appointed the Social Convener for the then parish Ladies Group that later became the Parish’s Catholic Women's League. A true athlete, she entered the 10 km marathon for Pro-Life in 1994.

Without her leadership, as well as vocal and musical gifts, and the effort of so many dedicated parish members both past and present, many parish programs would not have been accomplished. Joan’s contributions have been numerous. In the words of a parishioner, it is “like the patches of cloth that ultimately create a marvelous and warm community and religious quilt.”

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Feb 2, 2018


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