Joan Ripley
St. Andrew's Cathedral, Victoria

In 1995, Joan arrived in Victoria and joined St. Andrew's Cathedral Parish. At the parish, she has led Rosary prayers; volunteered to tidy the pews; organized floral arrangements; kept the candle racks clean; tended to the gardens around the Cathedral as volunteer gardener; coordinated the Steward Ministry, including training new stewards; sung with the choir; was an RCIA sponsor; helped the Homebound Ministry; participated in the Adoration and Reception Committees; written articles for the Diocesan Messenger; and assisted Lillian Budac at St. Andrew’s Summer Bible Camps. Joan also created for sale photo cards that feature the stained glass Cathedral windows, to raise funds for the Cathedral.

Joan Ripley exemplifies her faith through participation in the parish’s various ministries, studies and in particular, devoted her years in keeping St. Andrew's Cathedral a clean and beautiful sacred place.

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Feb 2, 2018


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