Stephanie & Dennis Schroeder
St. Elizabeth's Parish, Saanich Peninsula

Stephanie, Dennis, and daughters Kathryn, Sarah, and Jessica have been active members of St. Elizabeth’s parish for over 25 years. Stephanie has served on Pastoral Council, and from 1992, both have been greatly involved with the region of the Hom in Africa.

In Keren, the second-largest city in Eritrea, Stephanie and Dennis work with the La Salle Brothers of Eritrea, that houses and educates 83 orphans. There, they have organized programs to bring aid in the form of education, health, clean water initiatives, farming, small business development, and housing for the people struggling with war and famine in Eritrea. Stephanie and Dennis also worked with PADA (Pan Awei! Development Agency) in South Sudan to build homes and women's livelihood for those displaced by the war. Stephanie's ability to engage with the community has successfully raised funds for these efforts, growing to become a charitable organization called Hanti Sidra One Global Family. All of the Schroeder's expenses were covered by themselves.

Stephanie and Dennis have carried the message of love and charity for all, with compassion and enthusiasm to reinforce the message that we are one big global family.

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Nov 16, 2017


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