Use of the Diocesan Crest

The Diocesan Crest (‘the Crest’) is a graphic representation of the Diocese of Victoria over which the Bishop has been granted pastoral responsibility and authority. A consistent image (the Crest) creates a distinct and memorable identity that helps to establish authenticity and credible authority, and recognition for parishioners and our communities, and helps form an efficient approach to communication. In addition, when the Crest is used on posters, promotional materials or letterhead, it identifies the material and the event as Diocesan-sanctioned. 

It is therefore important that the Crest is used appropriately, consistently and in accordance with the Diocese’s publication guidelines. These guidelines will assist with our collective responsibility for maintaining the quality and integrity of the graphic image that is used, and also identify the instances in which the Crest is required, and those occasions when it is permitted to be used.

Required use of the Crest

Promotional materials (posters or other advertising) for any event that is sponsored by the Diocese of Victoria must include the Diocesan Crest, and the material must be submitted for approval by Diocesan personnel prior to being distributed or used in any manner. Please contact the Office of Communications for these approvals before you have anything printed or distributed in any form.

If you require assistance with creating a poster or other materials, please contact your Pastoral Centre  representative, or contact the Communications Coordinator directly via email (

Non-permitted use of the Crest

  • The Crest may not be used without prior permission from the Diocese of Victoria.
  • The Crest may not be used on letterhead that is not approved by the Diocese of Victoria. 
  • The Crest may not be used on any promotional material to suggest representation and approval of an event or communication by the Diocese of Victoria except as approved by the Office of Communications.
  • The proportion and colours of the image and its elements may not be altered in any way.

General guidelines

  • The Crest should be placed and sized secondary to your content; headlines, graphics and images should always be more prominent. 
  • Keep every part of the Crest at its set proportions
  • Keep the colours and typeface as is
  • Use it on backgrounds that provide adequate contrast
  • Options for the Crest include: black and white, full colour, or two colour (blue and white).
  • Available formats include .jpg, .png and PDF.

Please contact the Communications Coordinator by email ( to obtain a copy of the Crest for your use, or for more information.

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Feb 2, 2018


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