Winifred (Freddie) Brand
St. Elizabeth's Parish, Saanich Peninsula

Winifred joined the Saanich Peninsula Parish in 2001. At St. Elizabeth’s in Sidney, Winifred serves as a Minister of the Liturgy, and as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Freddie has been involved in Friendly Hours at St. Elizabeth’s where she was a regular visitor to the sick in the hospital, in their home, and at care homes. She also volunteers at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital, is a member of Development and Peace, and has taken part in many Faith Development Programs including the RCIA and in Social Justice. As an accountant, and a regular counter for the weekly collections, Freddie has contributed to the Diocese as a Trustee for the Priests’ Pension Fund, the Auditing Committee, and has been a resource for Income Tax and other financial issues.

This energetic nonagenarian was the Appeal Fund Raising Chair for several years, and continues to be committed to serving the Parish, the community, and the Diocese.

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Feb 2, 2018


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