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2022 Bishop's Appeal - Growing Together

Oct 28, 2022 9:44:42 AM

The 2022 Bishop’s Appeal has launched! This year’s Appeal is called Growing Together. The theme is inspired by the collective voices of our brothers and sisters in Christ calling for faith connections. This year, Appeal funds will provide parishioners of all generations opportunities to come together in faith through community and relationship building. It is a very exciting appeal, as each parish can apply for Diocesan Appeal funds to host a community and relationship building project at the parish level, in addition to the Parish Project. Additional Appeal information can be found on our website at:

Appeal funds will go towards:

  • Parish community and relationship building
  • Catholic Schools Capital Plan – this will be the final year that Appeal proceeds will be allocated to support the improvement and seismic upgrading of Catholic schools
  • Clergy and seminarian support
  • Indigenous community and relationship building
  • Twenty percent given to parishes for local projects

Registered parishioners will receive an Appeal brochure in the mail—additional brochures are available at your parish. You can use this brochure to submit your donation in person or by mail, or you can donate online on our website at:

Your donations will have a direct impact on your parish and the Diocese as we move forward, healing and Growing Together in faith. Thank you for your generosity.

the Appeal Office

Written by the Appeal Office

The Appeal Office coordinates fundraising activities to support the Diocese of Victoria.

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