Charity is the essence of the Church according to Pope Benedict XVI in his first Encyclical entitled Deus Caritas Est (God is Love). Donating directly to the Diocese of Victoria or to a parish provides immediate funds for use by the Church, and you receive a charitable tax receipt for the donation.

To support a parish or a ministry in the Diocese of Victoria you can make a direct e-transfer, and the Diocese or parish will issue a donation tax receipt. For information on how to send an e-transfer, click the button below:


OR – if you prefer to use your credit card or PayPal, you can donate to the Diocese of Victoria through CanadaHelps by clicking the link below. Please note CanadaHelps will issue a donation tax receipt.

Donate Now through Canada Helps

Thank you for your support and contributions.

Prior to making a donation or gift, we recommend that donors seek independent professional advice concerning the possible financial, taxation and legal consequences.


This method of planned giving, which provides an immediate source of income to the Church, is advantageous to you because transfers of listed securities to a registered charity will: (a) give you a tax receipt for the full market value of the stocks you donate; and (b) exempt you from tax on the capital gains realized on the disposal of the securities.

When a taxpayer sells publicly traded securities and then donates the proceeds to the Church, he or she pays income tax on the capital gain realized on the sale of the security. While the donor receives a donation receipt for the amount of the gift, the income tax on the realized capital gain can be as high as 46% on one-half (the taxable portion) of the gain.

By contrast, capital gain is free of income tax when the listed security is donated. By gifting the security itself rather than using cash from the proceeds of the sale, the donor can realize a significant tax reduction. 

If you are considering making a cash donation, and you have securities with an unrealized capital gain, then consider donating the security instead. You could donate the number of shares that equal the value of the cash donation you wish to make, thus saving capital gains tax. See chart for a comparison of a Cash vs Publicly Listed Securities donation.

Prior to making a cash donation, you may wish to consider the donation of shares, a debt obligation, a right listed on a prescribed stock exchange, a share of a mutual fund trust, or a prescribed debt obligation where the fair market value of the security is higher than the cost.


In order to initiate a transfer of securities, please complete the Gift of Publicly Traded Securities Form and forward to the Diocesan Finance Office, Diocese of Victoria, 1 – 4044 Nelthorpe Street, Victoria, BC, V8X 2A1.

Prior to making a donation or gift, we recommend that donors seek independent professional advice concerning the possible financial, taxation and legal consequences.


  Donation of Cash Donation of Securities*
Donation $20,000 $20,000
Income tax credit in donation $9,200 $9,200
Tax saving due to tax exempt capital gain (up to approximately 23% of gain) $2,300
Total tax savings $9,200 $11,500
Net cost of donation $10,800 $8,500



  1. The examples are based on a British Columbia resident donor.
  2. The lower tax credit rate on the first $200 of annual donations is covered by other donations.
  3. Federal and BC income tax credits are based on a 46% rate.
  4. Assuming value of securities at time of donation of $20,000 and cost of $10,000.
  5. Tax on capital gains is calculated at highest marginal income tax rate for illustration purposes (approximately 23% of gain).