This is the Coat of Arms of Bishop Gary Michael Gordon. Extending to the four sides is a white cross with a white circle at its centre. On the circle is a red and black salmon in the Coast Salish style by artist Stan Green of Skowkale First Nation. In the upper left and lower right quarters on the shield are the letters A and M interlaced in white.

The red shield has multiple symbolisms. The red is a high colour of the First Nations and a symbol of the blood of Christ our Saviour. The white cross is the encounter of crossing paths of the people of Canada today; the colour white comes from the direction of the north. These are two of the sacred colours of the First Nations with whom Bishop Gordon has worked for the greater part of his priesthood. Red and white are also the national colours of Canada, and represent Bishop Gordon’s service as a parish priest in several parts of
his homeland.

The salmon refers to the gift of the Creator to West Coast First Nations as a staple food and blessing, and its ancient meaning as a Christian symbol.

The interlaced A and M are a reference to the Virgin Mary. Bishop Gordon’s devotion to her forms a significant part of his faith.