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Listening, Looking, and Learning with the Diocesan Archives

Mar 8, 2023 12:44:12 PM

Have you ever wondered about what is in the Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria? Have you ever thought about the letters, journals and records from the early days of the Diocese, in 1846 and before?  Are you a believer that Archives are more about the future than the past?

 Well, prepare to have your questions heard, see some fascinating artifacts, and have your mind and faith uplifted!!

 Through the generosity of the Government of Canada via the New Horizons for Seniors granting stream, the Diocesan Archives received a financial grant to prepare, publicize and present a series of informational and educational sessions on historical records, journals, diaries and chronicles from 392 CE on.  Who knew that material over 1600 years old could be that interesting!

 The material falls into some very informal categories, such as -- Why do Catholics do that, anyway? -- with insights into such things as the process of becoming a Saint, or the practice of venerating relics. Did you know that the RCDV Archives has 500-600 examples of relics, each with its own fascinating story?

 Other presentations cover the purpose and organization of religious archival collections, the fascinating missionary history in the Diocese, and the amazing faithful throughout the years.  One story includes Archbishop Seghers’ 1877 hand drawn map, on which he assigned the seven available priests to cover the whole Diocese, and encouraged their ministry despite the fact that they travelled by foot, horseback, and canoe throughout the territory!

We also offer presentations on the new and innovative ideas that have come from this ‘little island’, the history and state of the role of women in the Church, and the future of faith communities.

 If you, your school, your class, your parish community, or any secular and/or Church group wishes to hear one of these presentations, please contact us. All of the researchers, writers, and presenters in this programme are volunteers of a dignified age, of various professional backgrounds, and are driven by inquisitive minds.  We would love to hear from you!

- This post was written by Theresa Vogel, former Manager of the Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria.  For information about booking a presentation, please contact the Pastoral Centre at 250-479-1331, extension 227, or

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