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The Daily TV Mass


In 1998, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) engaged Michael McManus and asked him a question: "How can we present the Catholic Church on television?" The result was the Daily TV Mass. The National Catholic Broadcasting Council, through the use of modern media, provides access to the Daily TV Mass and the National Catholic Mission, as a way to stay near the Church and our Catholic Faith.

The Daily TV Mass and the National Catholic Mission have become an important connection to the Church for hundreds of thousands of the faithful across Canada and around the world via YouTube and through their website. You can access both of those locations by clicking the appropriate link below.

The Daily TV Mass live stream information

Diocese of Victoria Live Stream


When there is live streaming of a Mass or event at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, click the link below to access the video.
Videos from previous events may be accessed here: Live Stream Diocese of Victoria

Clicking these links will take you away from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria’s website.