Klapa More Split performs at fundraiser for St. Leopold Mandić parish

Dec 4, 2018 1:10:10 PM

Nov 25 - foodSt. Leopold Mandić Croatian Catholic Church hosted a fundraising lunch on November 25, 2018, which featured a concert by Klapa More Split, an acapella group from Split, Croatia. The parish hosts regular lunches to help offset parish expenses, but this lunch was special because of Klapa More Split. The group sang a song at the end of Mass (Zdravo Djevo, Kraljice Hrvata, which is a song honouring the Blessed Virgin Mary as the queen of Croatia) and then gave a splendid performance after lunch. Even though it was a Sunday afternoon, attendees took advantage of the music and danced.
Klapa More Split’s performers include Klaudija Vujčić (first tenor), Igor Gojak (guitarist and frontman), Zvonko Gilić (bass and mandolinist), and Igor Buda (baritone). Their repertoire includes original Dalmatian songs which are both melodic and upbeat.
Klapa (acapella) singing is a big part of Dalmatia’s identity, culture, history, and tradition. Klapa singing is marked by an ability to sing freely without notes or instruments. The songs express love for Croatia’s Dalmatian coastal living. The singing is part of oral tradition and is often passed on from generation to generation.
Klapa singing is of cultural importance in Croatia and was inscribed in 2012 on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
by Mary Čolak, Parishioner, St. Leopold Mandić Parish
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