Public invited to provide input to national Palliative Care strategy

Jul 11, 2018 10:56:39 PM

The CCCB has been recently informed that a consultation involving several modalities is being undertaken by the federal Department of Health on developing a national strategy for palliative care. As the government is in the process of determining and asking for public feedback on the definition of 'Palliative Care', it is imperative that as a Catholic community, you are encouraged to provide a response through the methods below.

With respect to the public modality of the consultation, responses can be sent via the following website, where additional information is also available:

You can also respond by email at

Please note that the online platform for public consultation will be closed as of Friday, 13 July 2018 as the consultation process winds down.

Previous related statements on palliative care involving the CCCB and/or the Catholic Organization for Life and Family may also assist in the preparation of possible reflections for the public dimension of the inquiry, including:

Finally, I wish to add that the consultations follows the passing of Bill C-277 and the giving of royal assent on 12 December 2017 to An Act providing for the Development of a Framework on Palliative Care in Canada (the Gladu Bill). The text of the Act is available at

In Communion,
Most Reverend Gary Gordon
Bishop of Victoria

Bishop Gary Gordon

Written by Bishop Gary Gordon

The Most Reverend Gary Gordon serves as Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria.

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