Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Jan 9, 2019 12:38:39 PM

Bishop Gary Gordon will join with the leaders of other Christian faiths to celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. We invite Christians from all denominations to attend the service and reception that will follow in the parish hall.

This Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was founded by the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity (the Holy See) and the World Council of Churches. As Christians from separated communities, we gather to pray for unity.

This year, the theme of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, chosen by the churches in Indonesia, is Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue. This theme is imperative due to the recurring situations that bring divisions and conflicts.

As we pray together, we are reminded that our calling as members of the body of Christ is to pursue and embody justice. Our unity in Christ empowers us to take part in the wider struggle for justice, and to promote the dignity of life.

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