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COVID-19: Communications Strategies

Apr 8, 2020 2:23:42 PM

The global pandemic and the reality of COVID-19 has forced us to explore new ways of drawing close to the Lord and each other, despite the limitations presented in our liturgical and communal practices. As we journey together (in the confines and safety of our homes) to celebrate Holy Week, and the weeks ahead, we are invited to explore new opportunities to unite as a faith community. We have been given this time to build our communion as a Diocesan Church, and we continue to strive to find new ways to stay connected.

Kindly please share the resources below with your parishioners:

Live Streaming

Join Bishop Gary Gordon as he celebrates daily Mass (Mon. to Fri. at 7 pm) and Sunday (at 10 am). This Holy Week, Bishop Gary continues to lead a Diocesan Mission after the 7 pm Mass, reflecting on the theme “People of God – a Covenant People”. The Easter Triduum will be celebrated on: Holy Thursday at 7 pm; Good Friday at 3 pm; Easter Vigil at 7 pm; and Easter Sunday at 10 am. To access the live streaming, please click on

Diocesan Website

In order to keep up to date with the latest news, parishioners are encouraged to subscribe to the Diocesan Blog and Newsletter through our Diocesan website. New updates include “Merlin’s Musings”, and the Office of Faith Formation & Evangelization has expanded catechetical resources, including the link to “Holy Week at Home – Rituals for Family & Household Prayer”

Parish Websites, Emails, Bulletins, Phone Calls

Parishioners are encouraged to contact their pastor and/or parish office to ensure that they are on the distribution list for regular news and updates. If you know of parishioners who do not have computer access and are more isolated, please call them to offer assistance and help them stay connected. If you have had a change in your contact information, please advise your parish office.

As we journey through Holy Week towards the Resurrection of the Lord, may we be filled with renewed gratitude and trust in our loving God who is the source of all hope.

the Chancery of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria

Written by the Chancery of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria

The Chancery serves as the administrative office of the Bishop and the Diocese. We support Catholic parishes, schools, and communities by providing services, resources, and ministries.

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