Chancery of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria

Chancery of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria

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Merlin's Musings: Slow Down

May 25, 2020 7:50:45 AM

As we gradually adapt to a 'new normal' life, Merlin reminds us to slow down, wash our ...

Merlin's Musings: Victoria Day Stay-cation!

May 16, 2020 3:17:32 PM

Merlin is back with another message on this Victoria Day long weekend.

Welcome the New Principal of St. Andrew's Regional High School

May 13, 2020 9:34:14 AM

With the departure of current Principal, Mr. Boucher, at the end of this school year, we ...

Pastoral Ministry Appointment - St. Peter's Parish, Nanaimo

May 12, 2020 2:09:53 PM

Join us, as we welcome a new Pastoral Ministry Appointment in our Diocese.

Merlin's Musings: Happy Mothers' Day

May 10, 2020 9:05:51 AM

Merlin is back with a message on this Mothers' Day.

Merlin's Musings: Take Care of Someone

May 4, 2020 1:42:19 PM

The Bish has given Merlin a new job, on the balcony of the Pastoral Centre. It's important ...

Merlin's Musings: Potato Planting Season

Apr 27, 2020 12:24:55 PM

Merlin is back, and this time he remembers the time he planted potatoes with the Bish. It's ...

Merlin's Musings: I'm going live, too!

Apr 23, 2020 6:00:00 AM

What do you get if you cross a gold dog with a telephone? A golden receiver!

Merlin's Musings: Where are the school kids?

Apr 17, 2020 11:35:24 AM

Merlin's visit to St. Andrew's High School leaves him surprised... where are the students?

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